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MS SQL Server DBA Training in Cochin

MS SQL Server DBA Training in Cochin at Emigo Networks provides you the Best MS SQL Server DBA Training. The Training will be fully hands-on and real-time project oriented. Emigo Networks is the Best MS SQL Server DBA Training Institute in Cochin.

Our MS SQL Server Database Administration Course content is best suited for Absolute Beginners and also Experienced Professionals. MS SQL Server DBA Course content enablesyou to handle complex challenges and trouble shooting. The real time exposure to the Database administration tasks will actually help you to become an Expert in MS SQLServer Database Administration(MS SQL Server DBA).

The database administration (DBA) is primarily responsible for managing the data (customer’s data, order’s data, employee’s data, product’s data etc.) in an organization. If you have not yet pursued the DBA, it is important to familiarize and get hands on experiencewith the DBA duties and responsibilities.

Common Tasks of a Database Administrator: The organizations need professionals (DBA’s) who can keep their data is very secure, always available to the applications, generating the backup time to time and well-managed. With this being said, here are the most common tasks that DBA will perform.


  Planning and Installing SQL Server

  1. Planning Your Installation
  2. Installing SQL Server and Related Services

  Configuring, Managing and Best Practices SQL Server Instances

  1. Configuring SQL Server Instances
  2. Managing SQL Server Instances
  3. Implementing SQL Server Best Practices

  SQL Server Agent, Backup, and Restore

  1. Managing SQL Server Agent
  2. Configuring and Maintaining a Backup Strategy
  3. Restoring SQL Server Databases
  4. Handling Database Corruption

  Migrating, Upgrading, Importing, and Exporting

  1. Migrating/Upgrading to SQL Server
  2. Exporting and Importing Data

  SQL Server Security

  1. Managing Logins and Server Roles
  2. Managing Users and Database Roles
  3. Managing Database Permissions
  4. Troubleshooting SQL Server Security
  5. Auditing SQL Server Instances

  High-Availability and Disaster Recovery

  1. Log-Shipping
  2. Replication
  3. Database Mirroring

  Troubleshooting SQL Server 2014

  1. Working with Performance Monitor
  2. Working with SQL Server Profiler
  3. Working with Activity Monitor

  Performance Tuning

Identifying Bottlenecks

  1. Disk Usage
  2. Memory Usage
  3. CPU Utilization
  4. TempDB

  Indexes and Concurrency

  1. Implementing and Maintaining Indexes
  2. Identifying and Resolving Concurrency Problems

  Query Optimization

  1. Best Practices
  2. Optimization

  Key Features of our MS SQL Server DBA Training in Cochin

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