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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the Cloud “Infrastructure as a service” offering from a leading cloud service provider Amazon. There is a huge demand for AWS professionals in India and abroad. Analysts predict that by 2018, there will be 1 million job openings across the world that require AWS knowledge. Getting trained in AWS can empower you to meet this demand.

EMIGO is a top tier training organization for AWS training in Kochi. To be a trusted AWS professional, you need to arm yourself with an accreditation that carries high credibility, like the Amazon Certified Solution Architect certification. This certification is a must for those who desire a job in System Administration, Cloud or DevOps. We provide necessary and adequate training to prepare you to get AWS certified. Our trainers are expert professionals who have worked on realtime AWS projects and our courses are designed with focus on making you “industry ready”.

Introduction to Cloud Fundamentals :
Introduction to Cloud Fundamentals
Why Cloud Computing?
Benefits of Cloud Computing
Types of Cloud Computing
Public Cloud
Private Cloud
Hybrid Cloud
Community Cloud
Software as a Service
Platform as a Service
Horizontal vs vertical scaling
Cloud Computing Issues
Costing Model
Service Level Agreement (SLA)
Cloud Interoperability Issue
What to migrate?
Legal and compliance
Virtualization and cloud computing
Types of virtualization
Virtualization terminologies
AWS Technical Essentials :
History of AWS
Introduction to the AWS productss
EC2 Instances :
Understanding AMI
Launching your first AWS instance
On-demand Instance pricing
Reserved Instance pricing
Spot instance pricing
Setting up security
Security groups
Choosing the AMI
Creating a new AMI
Public and Private IP's
Deploying a new instance from the created AMI
Key Pairs
Elastic IP's
ELB(Elastic Load Balancer)
Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) :
What is VPC?
VPC configuration
VPC security
Elastic IP's Inbound and outbound ACL's
CloudFront :
Use of cloudfront
Creating a cloudfront distribution
Hosting a website of cloudfront distribution
Implementing restrictions
Configuring origins and behaviors
EBS(Elastic Block Storage) :
Create EBS volumes
Delete EBS Volumes
Attach and detach EBS volumes
Mounting and unmounting EBS volume
Creating and deleting snapshots
Creating volumes from snpashots S3(Simple Storage Service)
Route53 :
Creating zones
Hosting a website
Understanding routing policies
Weighted simple and failover policies
Direct Connect :
What is S3 :
RRS(Reduced Redundancy storage)
S3 durability and redundancy
S3 Buckets
S3 Uploading Downloading
S3 Permissions
S3 Object Versioning
S3 Lifecycle Policies
Create EBS volumes
Attach and detach EBS volumes
Mounting and unmounting EBS volume
Creating and deleting snapshots
Creating volumes S3(Simple Storage Service)
S3 Lifecycle Policies
Glacier storage :
Relational Database Service (RDS) :
Selecting the Database type
Configuring the database
Creating database
Configuring backups
Configuring the maintenance windows
Connecting to the database
Dynamo DB :
Creating a dynamo db
Configuring alarms
Adding data manually
AWS Solution Architect:
Deploying Web Application in AWS
Making Environment HA (Auto Scaling & ELB)
Event Driven Scaling
Design Pattern and Sample Architecture
Basic Troubleshooting in AWS

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